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What are people saying about Dr. Jeff Myers’ speaking? Here are some testimonials from audience members and meeting planners:

“Dr. Myers is the equivalent to the secular world's Tom Peters! His personal testimony is life-changing. He teaches you how to sincerely focus on others -- this is a new concept for a ME-centered world.” Mrs. Jami Sheldon

“From speaking to small support groups around our state to testifying before legislative committees, Jeff's communication "secrets" gave me the tools I needed to effectively share my heart in a way that impacts listeners and motivates them to act.” Rebecca Robinson, Home Educators of Vermont

“Dr. Myers is an anointed and incredibly dynamic speaker! God is using him mightily to train, equip and empower America's future leaders!" Tracy Matthews, New Jerusalem Christian Academy, Phelan, California

“Jeff Myers is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever known. He truly has a gift - from his early success as a high school and college debater to a first class classroom lecturer - Jeff has a way of getting his point across and motivating his audience.” Michael Moore, Assistant Vice President, University of Texas-Arlington

“Excellent! ...an energizing, equipping message. Helps "Mrs. Smith" go to Washington with focused confidence!” Jennifer Siek, Concerned Women for America of Pennsylvania

“Jeff’s dynamic speaking style captures the listener's attention while his message of grace capture's the listener's heart.” Nicky Miedema, Youth Group Sponsor, New Covenant Bible Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Jeff Myers has been the keynote speaker for our Leadership Development Class on worldviews for several years now. In the twelve years of conducting Leadership classes, we have found him to be one of our most dynamic and informative speakers.” Cheryl Slack, Leadership Development Program, Chattanooga Resource Foundation

“Jeff Myers is a great communicator who utilizes great speaking techniques and compelling illustrations in his presentations to make his message compelling. If you want someone who can hold the attention of your audience, call Jeff.” Israel Wayne, Marketing Director, Wisdom's Gate

“Jeff tackles intimidating topics with humor and clarity, arming his listeners with usable knowledge and invigorated faith in the all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ.” Carole Denner, Steering Committee, Concerned Women for America of Virginia

“I so look forward to the messages that Jeff delivers at our homeschool conference. He never fails to 'pump me up' and I come away feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to tackle another year.” Karen Jamison, Homeschool Mom, Pattison, Texas

“Jeff brings so much enthusiasm to the audience that it is impossible not to be interested in what he is saying.” Kaela Humphries

“Jeff’s sense of humor and style grabs my students’ hearts and challenges them to communicate with purpose. I have seen real results in these young people's lives.” Nancy Capra, Teacher, Branch and Leaf Academy

“Jeff lit a fire in our students to desire to be effective, godly communicators, while providing the resources to enable the parents to encourage and direct their students.” Cindy Munger, Homeschoolers Of Wyoming

“Jeff Myers will captivate you with his commanding, motivating, and deep insight concerning leadership and worldviews. He brings a breath of fresh air to the leaders of tomorrow.” Patricia Malloy, Training Coordinator, Tentmakers Ministries

“Never have I laughed so hard while learning so much.” Joetta Witkowski“Going through Jeff’s materials with my son has been a great way to build our relationship together.” John Medaris & Associates, Re/Max Horizons

“Jeff paints masterpieces with words. He has made communication an art. But perhaps Jeff's greatest talent is his ability to share these secrets in a way that allows others to understand and use them.” Bart Lindstrom, Bart Lindstrom Fine Art Inc., Chattanooga, T N

“My husband Tyler is a district manager with DaimlerChrysler, specializing in vehicle quality and customer satisfaction. He has heard nearly a gazillion lecturers and trainers during his career.... and this is what he had to say when I asked him about Jeff’s talk: ‘That was THE BEST 45 minute lecture I have heard in my life!’” Pamela Yeomans

“Hearing Jeff speak has brought me closer to Jesus and helped me to stand up and be a real leader on my football team. I am now the team captain and respected as a Christian.” Nick Smith

“Jeff Myers epitomizes Christian leadership and vision.” Aaron James Chambers

“Your speaking was so phenomenal. You were so captivating and breathtaking that it was amazing. I've never heard such a great speaker. I came away from that weekend renewed in my walk with the Lord because of you.” Kristyn Burns

“Jeff's approach to leadership and communications training is very practical and to the point. You leave eager to put your faith into action every day of the week, not just Sunday morning.” Roger M. Long, Graduate Program Manager, School of Education, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

“Dr. Myers is not only a great writer, true lover of people, and dynamic speaker, but he is also a man of wisdom and integrity. Everywhere I turn I hear of more lives he's affected.” Josh Johnson, Former Student/Current Teacher

“Jeff has elevated my awareness of the great importance communication plays in all aspects of my life--particularly with my kids.” Bob Roth, father of four

“Jeff is an outstanding speaker! An hour of power packed information. I left encouraged & confident to put his ideas to work.” Kym Perrault

“Dr. Myers gave me so much food for thought, that I am still chewing on his great ideas, presentation, and public speaking techniques. I feel better equipped in teaching my children how to be better communicators, and I can use all of his ideas in my personal and professional life.” Linda Sagaille, RN

“Jeff's presentation was both enlightening and entertaining and taught us keys to succeeding in the work place and in all our other relationships.” Doug Lora, Professional Development Manager, IBM

“Jeff Myers is by far one of the best speakers I've ever had the honor of listening to. He has inspired and challenged me to make a difference in my world.” Sharla Dawn Crumpley, Crosslines Youth Ministries, Grandview Assembly of God

“Jeff’s personal enthusiasm is infectious and comes from his dependence upon God to powerfully work in this world!” Tim Cox, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Grace Church, Edina, Minnesota

“When we met Dr. Jeff Myers, we had no idea of the impact he would have in our lives and how God would use him to improve our ability to communicate within our family and with others that we meet.” Steve & Miriam Davis, business owners

“Jeff captured #1 place in my preference for speakers!” Jessica Kennedy “If you want to be a better communicator, listen to Jeff.” Maurice Hime, Public Speaking instructor, Highland Community College, Highland, Kansas

“Jeff Myers is an amazingly dynamic speaker who can engage both youth and adults.” Laurie Rambo, Homeschools of Glouchester County, New Jersey

“Dr. Jeff’s study guide has really got me going. Just because I'm in the senior set doesn't mean God has called me to sit back and get old.” Joyce Morrison

“You have great insight into what a spirit filled leader should look like.” Lee Thrash, Network Designer, Boeing Corporation

“If our schools were teaching this type of course the same way that Mr. Myers does, they would be doing a superior job of equipping the leaders of tomorrow to lead this country with a skill and certainty that speak of the American Ideal.” Jean Sandberg, President and CEO Desert Vista Productions, Inc.

“The practicality of Jeff's messages is what appeals to me the most. Jeff always provides the ‘how to.’” Mary Hubbell

“Jeff Myers really knows how to connect with an audience! He's got something to say, and he says it in a way people like to hear it.” Christian and Kathy Overman, Think Again! Workshops

“Listening to you was like taking an energy pill, but much better for you, since it was natural! It lifted my spirits and brought things back into perspective.” Jennifer Blankenstein

“Jeff is one of those rare individuals who connects heart to heart, whether in small groups or auditoriums.” Rich Hart, Pastor of Cell Development, Venice Bible Church, Venice, FL

“Jeff Myers is a dynamic speaker! He is down to earth, yet speaks directly into your heart.”Audrey Hagen Hummel, Homeschooling Mom & Graduate Student

“Dr. Myers has a mix of scholarly research as a basis for sound and practical advice. If you want to strengthen your leadership skills, he is a prime resource.” Dr. Dan Pugerude, Administrator, Liberty Christian School of the Tri-Cities, Richland,Washington

“As iron sharpens iron, Jeff Myers keeps leaders on the cutting edge of personal growth and development.” Joy Emery, Editor in Chief of ParentLife and Living with Teenagers LifeWay Christian Resources

“Jeff is full of it! ‘It’ being good insight! ‘It’ being Godly wisdom! ‘It’ being well thought out and Biblical answers to question we have in dealing with are real world!” Rob Hays

“Way to go, Son! Good job!” Roy Lynn Myers, President, Golden Belt Printing (Jeff's Dad)

“Truly a rare find in today's market. I highly recommend his teachings on communication to anyone interested in improving there influence in this world.” Glenn Hudson, Multatech Engineering, Inc., Fort Worth, TX

“The success of a great communicator is not only communicating his message but creating excitement and enthusiasm to continue it. The skills he teaches are attainable, not just desirable.” Jodi Jaqua

“As an author, newspaper columnist and frequent television and radio guest, I find your material to be helpful and inspiring!” Marenda Babcock, The Frugal Times

“Jeff has brilliantly transformed the art of communication into simple steps. This has paid dividends for me in business and with my family.” Frank S. Damico, Senior Manager, Business Development, Coventor, Inc.

“Jeff's messages not only help me at work they also help me with leadership development for my children and in my leadership role in community work.” Theresa Hyatt

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