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Speaking Topics
Discernment-Raising a "Thought-full" Child Movies. Music. Television. Advertising. Help your children know how to respond intelligently and appropriately when they are confronted by secular thinking, without becoming cynical and hard-hearted. This seminar includes the wildly-popular "four deadly questions" that will help ensure that you are never taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophies again!
Rescuing Your Children from the Culture of Irresponsibility We hear it all around us: "It's not my fault!" American culture promotes irresponsibility and is teaching it to children at every turn. Learn the top ten strategies for encouraging "response-ability" in your child.

The Blessing-How to Transform Your Home, Church and Community God blessed Abraham so that all nations of the earth would be blessed through him. That same promise is available to Christians today if we could only figure out what the blessing is and how to give it to others. These principles have transformed families, churches and even entire cities. (works best as a keynote, not a workshop)

The Christian Worldview-A Call to Reason Christian young people are at risk in a battle for their very minds and souls. To equip them effectively, we must show them that God's Word offers a powerful, life-changing view of the world and for the world. In this seminar Jeff reveals the nature of the battle facing youth, shows how to understand the worldviews of our day, and gives a reasoned defense of the Christian worldview.

Breakthrough Leadership-Four Steps to Cultivating Your Child's Leadership Ability Discover the four areas of life that all successful leaders carefully cultivate. Learn practical strategies to help identify and unleash your child's leadership gifts so he can make a difference in the world for Christ.

From Playpen to Podium: How to Give Your Children the Communication Skills They Need to Succeed. Speech-making terrifies most Americans. Learn the powerful tips that led Jeff Myers out of severe speech anxiety to speak to audiences of thousands. You'll be in stitches as he unravels the mysteries of delivery skills and shows you how to develop positive communication skills through everyday activities.

What Happened When We Kissed Dating Goodbye When God brought them together, Jeff and Danielle Myers had both been searching for alternatives to the dating game. Listen to them tell the funny, heart-warming story of how they got to know each other through an incredibly romantic, old-fashioned courtship. Discover how you can use this same approach in your own life and/or encourage it in others. (works best if Danielle is at the conference)

Topics Jeff is developing for next year...

Discovering your Child's Gifts: Cultivate Your Child's God-Given Identity A child's God-given gifts that are a secret source of inspiration for learning and influence in life. Discover how to recognize your child's motivated abilities, cultivate his God-given gifts, and avoid the cultural traps that the culture uses to distort his identity.

Thirsty for the Truth: Raising Kids Who Want to Live Right The popular culture coaxes children into an almost irresistible foolishness. Is your family strong enough to resist? These strategies equip kids to discern right from wrong, prefer what is right, avoid Satan's counterfeits, experience heart renewal, and reach out to a culture that needs Jesus.

Hungering for God: Imparting Spiritual Principles to Children It's not just Bible knowledge, but the ability to apply wisdom to every area of life. Here are time-tested techniques, starting with toddlers, for answering kids hard questions about God, teaching Bible themes, and helping kids apply God's truth to life. (works best as a keynote, not a workshop)

Everyday Sages: Learning to Walk with the Wise Proverbs says we grow wise by walking with the wise. Learn from inspiring stories of wise mentors who have lived out seven wisdom principles and be encouraged that you, too, can raise generations to pursue true riches, honor and good success. (works best as a keynote, not a workshop)

Generations of Influence: How to Start a Legacy of Four Generations Explore the tremendous spiritual power of "four generations" and discover the world-changing legacy you can have on the lives of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Hear stories of how past generations did it, and what we can learn from them. (works best as a keynote, not a workshop)

Kids Who Care: Developing a Servant Mindset in a 'Me-Centered' World When the world promotes an "it's all about me" mindset, our families suffer. Jeff sought the counsel of wise parents who helped their children conquer the whining, squabbling, pouting, me-centered attitude-and develop a servant leadership attitude.

Centers of Influence: How Your Family Can Make a Difference At about age ten, every child decides to either be an "influencer" or one of the "influenced." "Influencers" are most likely to lead, whereas the "influenced" are most susceptible to peer pressure. Here's how to help your family cultivate the art of positive influence.

Rites of Passage: Rituals that Make the Passage to Adulthood Unforgettable for Teens Jeff interviews wise parents to find out how they helped their children become successful adults. Learn practical, memorable, uncomplicated strategies that draw parents and teens together and establish a foundation for successful adulthood.

Wise, Not Just Smart: The Characteristics of Kids Who Make a Difference Teddy Roosevelt said, "To train a child in mind and not in morals is to train a menace to society." The biblical idea of wisdom gives four guidelines for raising kids to live meaningfully and make a difference-here's practical ways to apply them in your family.

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